Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell your products online?

Yes, we are still offering our online shopping cart for the United States however we are currently moving offices out of state and are hoping to be up and running by Mid November. Thank you for your patience while we get everything set up again.

Do You Ship Outside The United States?

Unfortunately, at this time we are no longer able to ship outside the United States. This is due to small shipment food regulations as well as the state of the Canadian dollar. We hope to be able to offer product for Canadian web customers in the future.

Can I Still Get Olives In Canada?

Yes, we are so please to announce that our olives are available online in Canada again. Buckstone is now carrying our reatail line and is available on their website.

I Just Placed My Order, When Will My Product Be Shipped?

We make all of our product up fresh to order. What that means is you will receive the best texture possible but, it will take us up to three days (depending on demand) to ship your product out.

What Method Of Shipping Do You Use?

We ship all of our product out via UPS.